One of the main priorities of a modern IT company is information security and protection against hacking and interception.

Technology is deeply rooted in our daily lives. The boundaries between business and personality have become blurrier than ever. Many companies have been adopting information technology in order to provide personalized and informed assistance. However, this innovation comes hand in hand with responsibility. Companies wishing to take full advantage of digital technology require a high level of data protection.

Advanced information security solutions

Data is the lifeblood of 21st century enterprises and there is no room for doubt about the safety and availability of your critical information resources. Our Information Security Services team works with your organization to tailor a secure and effective architecture to protect your data from unauthorized access, use or disruption. Your employees have access to the data they need, while your organization is protected.

Streamline data security

Ensure availability

Prioritize confidentiality

Manage compliance requirements

Implement third-party risk management

Ensuring information protection is one of the most important and urgent goals. Ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of information means to protect it from both unintentional destruction and unauthorized access.


A successful cybersecurity approach has to be effective at all levels.

Information is one of the most valuable resources of any company; thus, ensuring the protection of information is one of the most important and urgent tasks.

People, as the most vulnerable link, must understand the importance of data protection and adhere to basic cybersecurity principles.

The information that concerns your space program will be under reliable protection. We practice an integrated approach that includes modern methods of using hardware and software to counter threats. We use asymmetric cryptosystems for the purpose of ensuring the utmost data confidentiality.

Our experts will always find the perfect balance between the level of protection and the efficiency of information systems.



The infrastructure for your future technological advantage over your competitors on land and in space.




The most important resource of your company is its people. The more qualified your personnel is, the higher the chances your space program will succeed.




We are developing software of high complexity for the space industry and for any other industry too.