The building of professional network brings to organizations many opportunities. Such an approach makes the organization unique, let to use digital space, to demonstrate corporate values and focus on the right people.


It’s a chance to share information about realized projects and achievements. Finally, it helps to create your company positive brand on the Market. LinkedIn and similar professional communication platforms are very useful. However, good relations and marketing activities are the part of a big journey in attracting, engaging and retaining employees.


Understanding global trends in recruitment and development employees, the HR team should take into consideration the influence of global markets on local subsidies. Working on stuffing strategy should notice transcultural specific, market potential, ability to apply innovation approach and other benchmarks.

All managers and executive staff are interested in excellent service to their clients and consumers. They expect from employees’ professionalism, efficiency, honesty and strive to provide services and high quality of products or services at good value for money.

Many managers try to avoid traditional governance towards agile and flexible management model.

Today HR role is not a simple operational role; it is a partnership where HR managers create and provide the tools and procedures, they can help to guideline managers to define the best corporate profile and organize the recruitment process.

The ECM Space team has a unique experience of building future scientific potential for fast growing IT, engineering and space industries.


Global corporations are constantly looking of the new employees for undertaking ambitious tasks of any complexity to support them hold leading market positions around the world. To achieve this the most companies has a diverse, dispersed workforce with teams operating from all subsidiaries.

X Information Services is the global IT division serving all the X corporation across the world. This IS structure is responsible for developing, implementing and continuously improving the IT solutions, which support business processes.

The company consists of different business and delivery Units, which role to set up the core global IT systems, however Leaders can select additional IT solutions which is relevant to their needs.


X IS continuously invests in new technologies and ideas

to ensure that it has as most productive and efficient systems as possible.


The company has Center of Expertise consisting of Application Steering Group, Service delivery centers.

The role of the centers – deliver and maintain core set of business enablers in a reliable, timely and cost-efficient manner. To be able to realize it, both service centers are summarized within one organizational structure, which operates globally, and have localized operational areas in Brazil, Russia and China with the Head offices in USA and France.

Despite of the large size countries and significant market potential the centers have lack of the personnel – IT experts and managers.


The first challenge

Successful hiring the professional and bilingual staff.


The second challenge

Project type of work, which demand temporary workforce.

HR has no tools to use the same engagement and learning programs, therefore the significant part of job should do line or hiring managers. The situation is complicated by the fact of the distances and remote nature of job. The temporary leaders and specialists can influence on workforce performance in all aspects - quality of performance, motivation and engagement.


The third challenge

Communication. Working closely with Business Process Owners project team members should ensure the development capabilities, applying experience and knowledge.

Our team had a goal to develop and implement communication strategy to all engaging group of people and demonstrate high-performing indicators towards the contractors, who were not participants of the traditional leadership program, however, could be good potential talent pull for the internal leadership programs.


X IS managers together with our HR team created universal key competence guide, which relevant for all categories of employees in all countries. Using this guide hiring managers can estimate both technical and behavioral skills and invite on temporary job the most suitable candidates and consider them on the future permanent positions.


The ideal profile - customer focus, result oriented candidate with ability to provide relevant information in a timely manner, with excellent problem-solving skills. All positions require global cooperation and encourage and trust collaboration plus the ability to focus on the result in mind and see opportunities to achieve the result – are important trait.

The centers use the exchange practice and internal mobility programs. It is a good chance for ambitious and high-potential employees to share the experience and skills in a new environment and workplace.

Our team emphasized the importance of using preferred suppliers in building networks across them to transfer hiring standards and organization knowledge base. It was critically to make a deal with one contact person for all locations who had an ability to organize the communication process globally. Global suppliers have all possibilities to provide their clients with importance information concerning the immigration complications, cultural differences, local tax system and difference in legislation. Using this information our HR team could forecast budgets for relocation and administration costs and offer the best solution for the business how to hire/relocate the staff and don’t lose the money.


The organization is a mechanism with internal processes and strict rules as well as a place for making decisions.

Clear business strategy is not enough

Every organization strives to create its unique design that could be actively curated and facilitated to support innovations. But a clear business strategy is not enough.

To make this breakthrough HR function should be inputted as a strategic role.

HR leaders participate in the complicated projects related to building cross-functional teams, defining and managing key people in the organization. Together with the Line Managers, they monitor organizational environment on the creation of spirit, leading to organizational success.

One strategy – different views

View of business stakeholders

Strategic – framework oriented on corporate strategy and top organization priority: like increasing value or company brand development

View of employees

Cultural changes,
Global processes implementation,
Cost optimization.

View of business stakeholders

Consulting - framework oriented on line managers activities. Planning and forecasting, effectiveness improvement.

View of employees

Prepare detailed plans, Review risks and mitigation strategy, Organize IT and business teams,
Gather business requirements, Prepare data.

View of business stakeholders

Service delivery – framework oriented on operational and transaction processes.

View of employees

Payroll, Recruitment,  Administrative support,
Succession planning support.


Implementation a flexible and innovative approach. What does it mean?

HR Agile is one of the options that allows companies and their employees to be more flexible and result oriented.

The growth of communication channels helps to all employees to have access to the information, and all the decisions can forward quickly. The mainstream toward Virtual reality open new ways for the organizations or allocated offices to connect to each other and use unique interactions. That makes sense to attract the remote workforce, I mean offshore and nearshore teams and work productively.

No matter how many employees the organisation has. If employees work in according with the Company goals and vision and understand the impact of current trends, they can demonstrate high speed and quality in comparison with others.

From our Canadian office ECM provides the best services in a local and international markets.




- Analyze current hiring process;

- Identify the priorities of the business strengths and areas for improvement;

- Estimate real employee capacity, including external staff, trainees and part-time employees;

- Define the best HR practice standards according
to the current situation;

- Calculate costs and prices for services;

- Initialize implementation of on boarding framework in order to support resourcing process;

- Prepare training program for hiring managers;



- Estimate, what recruitment options are applicable for the business strategy;

- Find the best social and media channels, local and international, for the industry and roles;

- Define key roles, and levels, prepare behavioral

- Estimate candidates’ desires, depends on the
market and industry;

- Compare reward system with the market;

- Set up internal hiring process;



- Reducing costs;

- Forming positive HR employer brand;

- Redesign competency framework to enhance
performance and network;

- New learning sustainability platform;

- Well organized relocation process;

- Updated strategy, noticing gender, age, country
specific, national diversity, education level;


Sooner or later every sprouting organization faces the challenges of growth and how to achieve recruitment plan: they can use their strategy, or the best practices offered by international consulting companies.

In both cases, the HR role is strategic and essential. A clear action plan, developed and realized within the hiring program, is a necessary part of all strategy. Strive to build up enticing Employer brand HR managers are not noticing the difference between what company can say and what candidate would like to hear.

The ability to promote information transparently, realize the ideas via social network and create a business, which fosters innovations and enables leaders to lead – is not a desire, but the requirement to successful HR leader.

To make a strategic plan the company leader needs to answer the questions:

How to prepare leaders to global roles?

How to use perspective analytics to Forster the concept of leadership?

How to establish global mobility network?

What kind of approach could be applicable for internal staff, external and temporary in all subsidies?

What retention programs are enough to increase loyalty and understand employees better?


Based on research of the leading consulting companies we can identify the main challenges as the new rising group of “Contentious candidates” – (candidates who are always looking for the new job). The reasons can be different; however, researchers found some linkages like unclear job opportunities and lack of technical skills. Trying to save costs, many companies across the world offer a contractual job without any perspectives and guarantees. Many employees should be taken into consideration, statistics demonstrate that more than 80% of HR leaders don’t know the real employee capacity and cannot get the precise answer, how many people work within the organization.


ESM space understands global trends in recruitment and development employees, we can observe the influence of global markets on local subsidiaries. Working at stuffing strategy, one can see transcultural specific, market potential, ability to apply innovation approach and other benchmarks.

We offer the best mobility program for the best talents from over the world.

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