Outer space research and exploration for the benefit of humanity is a concept that allows us to look into the future with confidence.

Remember the enthusiasm with which man used to explore our home planet? Hundreds of amazing discoveries year after year and the continual advance of technological progress.

Now, we are capable of flying into space, and outer space is much greater than our planet. We use space technology to help today’s companies find new solutions to current problems.

Try to imagine that tomorrow the GPS system disappears from the face of the planet. What are we going to do? What price will businesses have to pay? How hard will the blow to all the logistics on the planet be? Of course, you could say that in the past, we used to make do with paper maps, but that is not relevant. We used to ride in horse-driven wagons, too.

But that was the past! Today, success comes to those who own technology. The global satellite navigation system that used to be an almost inaccessible know-how has become an integral part of our everyday life. The idea of real-time navigation using satellites has changed our world forever. Imagine how many more technological breakthroughs are in store when you actively apply space technology.

Do you have an idea that requires placing your devices into orbit? 

Do you need to design and manufacture a device for working in space?
Do you need access to outer space?
Do you need specialized space equipment?
Do you need spacecraft software?
Do you lack qualified personnel?
Or you just wonder whether your idea is viable?

This is what you need us for. We will help you turn your idea into a real-life space program.


We don’t offer you a satellite for rent. We are not a transportation company that will take your stuff into space. We want you and your idea to become part of the technology. History is what we’ll write together. We, like yourself, see the future of technology in the vast space outside the atmosphere of our planet. We are interested in providing you with everything you need to make your space program a success.


ECM Space Company opens up opportunities for you to develop your own space exploration program or refine, improve and expand an existing program. We are able to provide you with the widest range of services. From consultations and training of your specialists, to the development and implementation of sophisticated high-tech software and hardware for your business. With us, technology and space are open to your business.

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ECM Space Company provides cubesat  solutions adjusted to the needs of our customers around the globe.




Environment protection – is it a fashion trend or a truly serious problem for mankind?




The fullest possible range of services that would allow us to provide the businesses.