ECM Space Company is one of the leading European companies in the provision of outsourcing personnel services in the field of astronautics, aviation, and software design.

We specialize in the selection of both IT resources and project teams in the field of space, aviation and software development.


Professionals with experience of successful projects all over the world

Flexible and scalable use of resources

Scaling the team up to 100 people per month

Full cycle personnel management

We guarantee highly skilled employees and high quality of work performed by them.

If your space program does not involve regular space launches and constant development of equipment and software for space technology, you will be much better off contracting us to develop your entire space program. Upon the completion of such contract, you will either need only sevicing personnel, which can be trained for you in our centers, or order the servicing from us.

Please, send any questions you may have to info@ecm.space or use the feedback form below.



The most important resource of your company is its people. The more qualified your personnel is, the higher the chances your space program will succeed.




One of the main priorities of a modern IT company is information security and protection against hacking and interception.




We are developing software of high complexity for the space industry and for any other industry too.