The most important resource of your company is its people. The more qualified your personnel is, the higher the chances your space program will succeed.

ECM Space Company provides the service of selecting highly qualified professionals in the aerospace industry. We will find an employee who has the required experience in the industry for you. If necessary, we will train employees to meet your requirements.

We have over 10 years of experience selecting and training highly qualified personnel. We have trained over 2,000 aerospace professionals. Employees we have selected have carried out over 20 successful space programs.

We will recruit staff for permanent employment, contractual work or for working on a specific project.

The employees selected and trained by us will fit into your team of professionals perfectly; if you don’t have such a team yet, we will create a team of excellent professionals for you.

We believe in fair competition. The person we select for each position fully meets the list of requirements, merit and abilities set forth by the customer. We also make sure that no employee/applicant is subjected to unfair treatment on any grounds.

Pre-employment screening and testing guarantee you:

Transparent, consistent, and impartial selection system

The culture of safe hiring of an employee for any position

ECM Space Company seeks to recruit the best people needed to ensure the quality standards of the aerospace industry.


ECM Space Company also offers its customers personnel relocation services. We can move IT resources anywhere in the world. We provide legal and administrative support. This program ensures our customers that high-quality service will come at both a lower price than that offered by our competitors and more flexiblility in the global market.

IT professional sourcing
Skills verification
Relocation support services
Human resources services
Area orientation

Every day, ECM Space Company's Relocation Services team connects highly qualified and experienced IT professionals with the organizations that need them. We remove uncertainty and barriers from the process, to deliver smooth and efficient relocation for key technology personnel.

The quality of your personnel will be secured by the efforts of:

A separate recruitment team

Business process management team

HR managers

the external role HRBP will work closely with the client and is part of the client’s team

HR business partners (both internal and external)

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A well-educated specialist is the most valuable resource on our planet and even more so in space.




One of the main priorities of a modern IT company is information security and protection against hacking and interception.




We are developing software of high complexity for the space industry and for any other industry too.